China Football Revolution

In the summer of 2016 filmmaker John Gubba went to China to explore the China Football Revolution. Here is the short film he filmed, produced, narrated and edited that previews the documentary series he wants to complete for worldwide distribution. The anticipation is that interest in football is destined to sky rocket over the next […]

Branded football: The Religion - a film by John Gubba

80% of online traffic will be video by next year . . . and that makes delivering quality more important than ever!

By JOHN GUBBA Everyone knows that online video is now the dominant force, whatever message you are trying to convey. The statistics are overwhelming and indisputable. But simply serving up any old video simply does not cut it in a world where capturing eyeballs is the holy grail for marketeers, bloggers, broadcasters, publishers, charities, politicians […]

Sir Matt Busby and his son Sandy - a beautiful tribute by the Association of Former Players of Manchester United

Busby Bar and painting by Stewart Beckett: tribute to Sir Matt by Association of Former Man United Players

By JOHN GUBBA When Manchester United removed a plaque commemorating Sir Matt Busby from the director’s box at Old Trafford last month and moved access to seats for his grandchildren to another part of the stadium, eyebrows were raised. The legendary Manchester United manager who survived the Munich Air Disaster will of course always live […]

Melanie - the world's most talented raccoon

The advantages of independently funding and distributing a new TV programme

By JOHN GUBBA Back in 1999, armed with a modest pre-sale agreement from Discovery Channel’s Animal Planet, we decided to self-fund production of ‘Wild Thing’ – a TV series that we have since distributed to over 60 countries across three continents, Next month we commence filming ‘Melanie Raccoon’ a pilot film part-funded by our co-investors, […]

Filming behind the scenes in Ibiza on a shoot with international models.

The Importance Of Choosing The Right Video Producer

Everyone knows that having video on your website is essential these days. But what is the formula for getting noticed in today’s social media dominated society? It is no longer a question of whether or not to use video on your website. In a world where 90 percent of internet users watch online video, the […]