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VSITV is an independent production company based in Marlow, Buckinghamshire. We create content for broadcast, cinema, online and DVD. From viral videos to TV documentaries.

First and foremost we are storytellers. Sport. Animals. Lifestyle. Business. Commercial.
We specialise in making you look and sound amazing. But we don’t just produce dynamic video. We promote it too.

VSI TV filming models in Ibiza

Filming in Ibiza: Behind the scenes on shoot with international models.

#GetNoticed with VSITV

From broadcast commercials to viral videos we promote content across our social network.

Feature length documentary had cinema premiere in Malta

Feature length documentary kicks off 'The Religion' series. Available for licensing on all platforms worldwide. This 112-minute self-funded film features some of the most famous names in the history of Manchester United Football Club.

Worldwide Distribution

Melanie Raccoon the documentary, produced and distributed by VSITV, is currently available for licence by broadcasters worldwide. We strive to distribute all our content globally.

Filming | Editing | Archive

At VSITV we have been producing broadcast and video content since 1990. Our bespoke service includes filming, editing, post production, storyboarding, scripting, narrating, publishing and distributing.

We create content for all media platforms and our films have been broadcast in over 160 countries as well as on DVD and online.

VSI TV on location in the UK filming an episode of Wild Thing.

On location in UK: Filming an episode of our popular TV series Wild Thing.

Production Management

VSITV is owned and managed by our founder John Gubba, an independent film maker who has worked on both sides of the camera. This self-shooting producer-director has live TV and radio experience reporting and presenting.

Gubba’s production management guarantees we always have a top team. His background in journalism brings a cutting edge to our films.

Quality Video Is Priceless

In today's world, social media has made video content more important than ever. But you can't beat experience and good storytelling. So take advantage of our production management know how, contacts built up over 26 years in the filming business and dynamic creativity.

Whether you are an exciting start-up or a global company, we enjoy delivering excellence. As our owner likes to remind us: Content is king. Quality video is priceless.

Some of our biggest clients over past 30 years.

. . . some of the biggest clients we've worked with over the past 30 years.