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Video News Release:

Location: Plymouth, United Kingdom. Year of Production: 2013.

Brief: To produce a video news release to attract publicity for adventurer Pete Bray, who plans to kayak from Russia to America. Two short films are required and an accompanying blog. The challenge is to generate publicity that will help Pete raise the funding he needs to complete his mission.

Video News Release: Pete Bray contemplates another epic adventure

The challenge: To produce a video news release and written blog promoting the latest adventure for Pete Bray. Former journalist John Gubba themed the campaign King of the Kayakers, and the headline works across all media.

Editorial: VSI TV were recruited for the task by Tina Fotherby, owner and founder of the PR company Famous Publicity. We were chosen for the task because self-shooting producer-director John Gubba is an experienced journalist, who has worked for national newspapers and television.

Coaching: The director’s onscreen experience gives extra value because Pete Bray requires some coaching in front of the camera.

Social Media: As well as targeting traditional media, all content was promoted across VSI’s established social media network, including Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.

Hosting: The video news release is hosted by VSI TV in multiple online locations. There is also a second video featuring a full length interview with Pete Bray in conversation with Tina Fortherby.