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Sizzle Reel:

Location: Isle of Man. Year of Production: 2014.

Dr John C Taylor OBE is the quintessential Englishman who vowed to change the world. This sizzle reel  provides an insight into an inspirational documentary that will examine what makes one of Britain’s greatest ever inventors tick.

From school weakling to multi millionaire, it has been a remarkable journey by a unique man who has overcome many obstacles – from dyslexia to having his birthright stolen by his business partners. Dr Taylor has spent his life proving that nothing is impossible.

The next big challenge for this insatiable 77-year old was to fly himself more than 4,000 miles across the Atlantic in a small plane. To celebrate his 60th year of aviation he decided he would head to the famous Yellowstone Park and learn to fly a husky, a classic 2-seater.

sizzle reel - clockumentary

One of Britain’s greatest inventors.

His mission was to fly home to Douglas on the Isle of Man – a hazardous route through multiple time zones. A stunning backdrop for Dr Taylor to reveal for the first time the truth behind his incredible life story.

His inventions have been sold in every corner of the planet.

His kettle controls are used one BILLION times every day.

He invented the world’s coolest clock – unveiled by his friend Stephen Hawkins.

A clock that has no hands, no numbers . . . that EATS TIME.

Dr Taylor spent one million pounds of his own money to build the Corpus Clock and donated it to Cambridge University where it has become a popular tourist attraction.

As we see in this sizzle reel, Dr Taylor’s private collection boasts some of the world’s most famous clocks including the world’s most accurate clock when it was invented in 1726 by his hero John Harrison.

Dr Taylor’s fascination with time is matched by his love for flying and as a pilot he’s been travelling through time zones since the 1950s. His pride and joy is M-USCA an impressive turbo prop engine that he regularly flies in and out of the Isle of Man, and his passengers have included Prince William and other famous faces.

Inventor, pilot, horologist, philanthropist . . . Dr John C Taylor is one of a kind.

The sizzle reel gives you a brief glimpse of this fascinating story. Get in touch now if you would like to commission the CLOCKUMENTARY.